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Life @ WebGlobal


  • Our Employees keeps a meaningful relationship with their managers
  • Very Friendly & easy to meet superiors at any time
  • Give and Take respect policy within the facility
  • Listening to the problems of employees by supervisors and taking appropriate actions is a highlight in our employer - employee relation structure.
  • Learning from everyone irrespective of big or small is another highlight quality within WEBGlobal
  • Always reminds our employees to keep WORK / FAMILY balance to get a sound mind and sound body.


  • Respecting + the workspace of each employee
  • Facing the challenges as a Team
  • Confidential things are always Confidential within the organization about projects /clients
  • Flexible working hours, but deadlines are always in priority


  • We work and grow together
  • Performance reviews and appraisals are on a regular basis
  • Motivations through Rewards and recognition within our staff enable them to come up with new ideas /projects.
  • Tours and weekends get together with family to encourage healthy bonding within employees


  • Created a feel within the organization to DREAM Big and to go for & to achieve it.